Going A.W.O.L in Grana’a

I’m going back to England in 6 days.

I’ve had to set my WordPress password more than a few times.

I think I did the typical ERASMUS thing again.

I don’t know how this happened.

Spain, man.

Puesta de sol en Granada
Puesta de sol en Granada


Granada is overwhelming, to say the least. Ashamedly I have failed to make a consistent record of my experiences here, so in order to redeem myself and this sorry state of internet space, I’m going to write the backlog of my stay here; from beachin’ excursions right up until the days of woolly hats and broken heaters. That’s right people. Get ready for major news-feed spamming.

 P.S. to all friends and family following my blog, I am alive and well, all be it in desperate need of a Slankie, chocolate covered Hobnobs and cider.

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