Wanderlust or Wanderlost

How can you know who you are when who you are is always changing? I want this blog to be for those who are interested in travel, those who wish to travel more, and those who are travelling but perhaps struggling with the hardships that come from being a 'world citizen'. Where is your sense of belonging?

Falling In and Out of Love with My City

London. Blighty. The Big Smoke. And the place I will always call home. As much as I whine and moan (comes with the territory) about the horrendous weather, traffic, doom, gloom and to top it all off, the extortionate cost of living we have to endure, I will always love my city. It can be…

This is a story about my massive red suitcase with flowers on it that nearly fell apart but didn’t aka Ode to a faithful friend

Hello It’s been a while …and already talking in clichés For those of you who know me, you might be thinking “where has she been?”, “Sam, you have a blog?” or “Did she ever make it through Italy without turning into Big Momma?” To that I will say: 1. Read on 2. Yes, unbelievable I…