Making Mad Moves

I had lived abroad before, but this jaunt felt different. If given the opportunity, I think everyone should jump at the chance to take on an experience in a different country - there's nothing quite like exploring what life could be like on different soil, and more often than not you end up discovering more about yourself than anything else.

Not Just an Old Pair of Boots

Late July in Madrid was miserable. The weather was glorious; it was hot, but not quite 'August hot' and everyone was in holiday-mode; part of me forgot that I was a working professional and the six-week summer break was no longer applicable. And the reason I was sad was because after months of beers on…

Going MAD

October last year saw the peak of our Granada days; the sun was still out, beach trips were still a regular thing, and I still had enough pesetas to carry on living la vida loca. Carys and I had decided it was time to be spontaneous again (the haircut thing hadn’t really gone to plan)…