Wanderlust or Wanderlost

How can you know who you are when who you are is always changing? I want this blog to be for those who are interested in travel, those who wish to travel more, and those who are travelling but perhaps struggling with the hardships that come from being a 'world citizen'. Where is your sense of belonging?


Making Mad Moves

I had lived abroad before, but this jaunt felt different. If given the opportunity, I think everyone should jump at the chance to take on an experience in a different country - there's nothing quite like exploring what life could be like on different soil, and more often than not you end up discovering more about yourself than anything else.

Pleine lune

What a difference a weekend can make huh? On returning from Barcelona, I set my sights on making the move, and pouring all my energy into searching for a position in Spain. I wasn't too concerned about the field, but more the opportunity to relocate, and of course, finally being able to use my languages.…

Not Just an Old Pair of Boots

Late July in Madrid was miserable. The weather was glorious; it was hot, but not quite 'August hot' and everyone was in holiday-mode; part of me forgot that I was a working professional and the six-week summer break was no longer applicable. And the reason I was sad was because after months of beers on…

Falling In and Out of Love with My City

London. Blighty. The Big Smoke. And the place I will always call home. As much as I whine and moan (comes with the territory) about the horrendous weather, traffic, doom, gloom and to top it all off, the extortionate cost of living we have to endure, I will always love my city. It can be…

Venice bonus post: Playing Cinderella

I'm glad we missed that train. Venice at night was completely different, and it made me love it all the more. The element of prettiness was still very much there, only it became even more romantic in a way, and was just as inviting. I couldn't for the life of me tell you whereabouts our…

Stuck in Venice – A Tale of Wine, Cheese, Eyeliner and Loose Change. Part III.

We didn't make it.

We stayed in Venice; we're still here right now.

We're stuck forever; that's us in the photo featured. Cazza's finishing off her glass, and I'm pondering over what cheese selection would go best with the next bottle.

Stuck in Venice – A Tale of Wine, Cheese, Eyeliner and Loose Change. Part II.

Sleep deprived. Ecstatic from sugar highs and the promise of what was to be a very very super-dooper fun day out. Deranged because of all the catching up (breath and story-telling) and also deranged anyway because that was kind of how we rolled. You'll see what I mean as I go on to share the rest of my tale...

Stuck in Venice – a tale of wine, cheese, eyeliner and loose change. Part I.

It was coming up to the end of our Erasmus year, and what had been one of the most incredible experiences I'd had to date. I had been living in Italy for around 5 months at that point, and there was a fortnight left for me to savour all things Italian - culture, language, the…